GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Aphrodisiac Blend Beard Oil 1oz

GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Aphrodisiac Blend Beard Oil 1oz

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Grave Before Shave Aphrodisiac Blend Beard Oil 1 once dropper bottle by Fisticuffs LLC

Contains all natural ingredients that condition, moisturize, and strengthen those precious beard hairs promoting healthy growth!!

This product also designed to condition the skin under your beard preventing dandruff and flaking to keep your beard life comfortable... the way it should be!

G.B.S. Aphrodisiac Blend Beard Oil has a Classic masculine fresh scent of leather and cedarwood.

Okay guys, time to make those kittens purr!

This seductive scent will have the ladies nibbling on your beard in no time...

No more wasting money on colognes, this desirable aroma will rev her engine and have you smelling like the hunk she wants, while keeping your Beard Hydrated, Healthy, and shiny!

Grab your Aphrodisiac Beard oil TODAY!!

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