Race For Life - Trentham Gardens 10th June 2008

Race For Life - Trentham Gardens 10th June 2008

On Tuesday 10th of June 2008 our team took part in the annual "Race For Life" at Trentham Gardens to raise money for Cancer research. we entered eight runners/ walkers in the event amongst a staggering 5000 other female contestants.

From left to right in the picture below. Hannah, Val, Ange, Hellen (Client), Billie Jo, Becky, Nicky & Katie.

Ready For Action

The Crowds Building

 Y.M.C.A Of Course!!

 Thinking About It - Hee Hee!

 Limbering Up

Go Girls 

Our Very Own Version

Has It Finished Yet

Take A Bow

And Theyre Off

Run Run Run

Eh Up Eres The Rest

Nicky & Hannah Past First

Becky Runnin That fast the Camera blurred

Billie Doing A Little Jogg Hee Hee

We Ran All The Way... Yeah Whatever

Ange... They`ve Stopped Doing YMCA

Oh Bless Em... WELL DONE!!!

Home In Time For tea!!


Thank you so much to everyone who supported us in our "Race For Life" so far the total amount raised is