Hair Care Advice

Hair Care Advice


We care about your hair. The shampoo that you use is an essential first stage in looking after it properly. When your hair is wet it is at its most vulnerable. We can help you to choose which shampoo is best for you.

Take a close look at your hair to decide what type you have .is it ?

  • Long or short-very important to consider because the longer your hair is the more likely it is to have hidden damage caused by wear and tear from dryers ,straighteners,and even just rough brushing and combing.
  • Do you have any sort of colour on your hair, gosh this is a big one,colours can do anything from completely enhance your hair to completely ruin it. We would always recommend that you have your hair coloured professionally for best results but it is important to always use the right shampoo to care for your colour at home, to maintain its vibrancy and tones.
  • Do you have a perm? very trendy at the moment and boy do you need the right shampoo when its wet. The perming process is the most invasive thing to the hair structure so specialist shampoo is just completely essential to maintain shine and spring to permed hair.
  • Is your hair damaged? The best way to test this is by feeling and looking closely .Can you see any splits when its dry? does it look rough? when its wet is it difficult to comb and style? We have really brilliant treatment shampoos to feed the hair and give it what it needs to improve .Just please remember to keep using them cos you cant get rid of damage overnight .

Have you looked at your scalp lately.In the salon we are always available for hair and scalp consultations, but you can help to keep your scalp healthy at home with a simple diagnosis technique.

  • The scalp is a good indicator of what is going on in your body. If you are stressed or under the weather it will probably show in your scalp.
  • The most simple scalp problem, but it can drive you crackers, is itching. The first thing most people do is head straight for the dandruff shampoo. Dandruff shampoos are one of the best sellers on the market but in fact dandruff is quite rare. If your hair has yellow coloured flakes and i dont mean to be rude but smells when you wet it ready for shampooing then you could have dandruff and we have a colour safe solution just for you. If you can see white flakes then it is far more likely to be a sensitive scalp and dandruff shampoo is the last thing it needs.
  • A sensitive scalp can broadly speaking be narrowed down to one of two reasons.Its either something that has been applied to it that doesn`t suit your skin type (dont forget its only skin!)or it indicates a possible problem from within, could be stress,hormone related, even tiredness can affect scalps.It could probably do with a bit of TLC to get it feeling comfortable again and calm down the itching but at the same time if you dont honestly know what could be causing it and our shampoos dont help then we recommend you seek medical advice.
  • Is it oily? If you have a really oily scalp you would probably find that it looks oily in the evening when you washed it that morning. Try one of our shampoos for oily scalps and dont rub too hard when shampooing cos this can encourage the scalp to produce oil more quickly if you have this type of scalp anyway.
  • The other big one is hair loss. It could be temporary or it could be permanent. You may already know which category you fall under.Temporary hair loss can definitely be helped with our hair loss shampoos but as they say "patience of a saint " you`ve got to keep using the and give the hair chance to start growing its not gonna happen overnight. Hair loss is always the one we would recommend you talk to your hairdresser about. They know your hair and can detect any changes in its density and of course medical advice must be sought if you are unsure of why you might be loosing hair because again thats a very good indicator of whats going on in your body.

Hope that helps, take a look at our fantastic range of professional shampoos, they`re all hand picked and tried and tested on our brill clients at our salon. Also come back soon as im gonna keep adding hair advice to the site as time permits hee hee .

Take care

Ange x